Your Child is Not Bobo

No word is more damaging to a young mind than to be labelled as “bobo”. 

Your child is not bobo

The mental anguish that the word “bobo” can cause is psychologically devastating especially to a child. Its imprint lasts permanently. Even if the teacher or classmates did not deliberately tease or insult him for being “slow”, the fact that he cannot cope or measure up as compared to his classmates is enough to feel that he is being left out academically. Deep in his heart, he carries the tag of the big “L”—Loser. Being a loner, shy or at worst extremely violent and temperamental are just manifestations of their frustrations and very low self-esteem.

Take the case of David (not his real name), a second year high school. A few years back David’s mother went to us looking for help because her son doesn’t want to go to school anymore. They have tried practically all schools around hoping to find a place that would fit his son’s learning style but to no avail. Out of frustration, she entered our tutorial center and told us that her son is in dire need of a tutor.

He deeply struggled in reading even the simplest word. When we talked to his mother privately she revealed that her son was diagnosed as 100% dyslexic. She intentionally did not tell her son’s condition in our first meeting for fear of being rejected again.

At first she was reluctant to tell us that her son was already a 2nd year high school student since we were only catering to preschool children learning to read at that time. We agreed to meet her son the following day to assess how we can be of help. David came with his cap covering half of his face.

His self-esteem was so low that he cannot look at anyone eye to eye. For every question we asked, he only gave a stiff nod. After giving him our standard basic assessment in reading, we found out that he had an extreme difficulty to read. 

To make the story short, we accepted David in our center-- the very first case of dyslexia in Instant Reader Program.  He started with the Basic Program. It took a month before he was able to properly read 4 letter words. But slowly as he begins to read sentences and paragraphs, he started to smile. We witnessed the transformation of this very shy teenager into a relaxed and so excited to learn individual. He was finally free!

Read in 20 days

Nothing could be more liberating than learning to read with confidence and most importantly regaining one’s self worth. Since then we have given hope and helped to countless of struggling readers of varying grade levels and ages to be good readers using our proven Instant Reader Program.

 If you believe that your child is not “bobo” and that he/she is just a simple case of a struggling reader then you should consult a reading expert. The longer you procrastinate, the deeper the psychological damage it can give to your precious child. Time is of the essence. You’ve got to save him from being trapped into the “LOSER’s pit”. There is an “instant solution” waiting for you to tap. Teacher Veronica Quintana-Arioder the developer of Instant Reader Program is more than willing to set an appointment with you. Call Instant Reader™ branch near you now. You’ve got to redeem the time.

y. At Instant Reader, we teach children the systematic and natural way of reading effectively and quickly without learning the alphabet first or using pictures as its aide

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