At the start of the program, we thought that Reon will learn to read just like any other kids. We were amazed when we observed that he also learned how to understand what he is reading. The  program was so effective. He learned how to read as well as to comprehend. It helped a lot in the acceleration of our son to Grade I this school year. Thanks to Instant Reader
Mrs. Irene O. Nuñez, mother of Reighmonde Euelle O. Nuñez (Reon), 5 years and 11 months old Celestial Children Montessori •School Achievements: accelerated from Kinder to Grade I,  constant achiever in class, tops in English/Science examinations” 

“Instant Reader was certainly a great help to our daughter. She developed a great interest in reading that made her one-step ahead of the others of her age. Now, we are reaping the fruits of what your program has done to her. Thanks to Instant Reader.”
Mrs. Sarah A. Calabia, mother of Katrina Aiko A. Calabia, 3 years and 8 months old Scuola dei Bambini di Sta. Teresita •School Achievements: Casa Uno, First Honors, Casa Uno, Top Reader, Casa Due, First Honors, Casa Due, Top Reader

“The reading program is really effective. We’re surprised that at the age of 3, she can read and spell simple words. And now on her second level, I can see that her reading and comprehensive skills are still improving.” Mrs. Jeanne A. Maghirang, Mother of Julia Sheris A. Maghirang, 3 years 11 months

“Education is something that cannot be stolen, can only be shared to anyone. Reading is one of the foundations of education and to learn reading in a proficient and scientific approach would be an advantage. That’s why I choose to enroll my son in Read Right because it has a program where learning to read is fun and easy to understand.” Mr. Glenn G. Glindro, father of Marcus Luis V. Glindro, 6 years old

“My son Matthew is a non-reader when he started. It surprised me when he finished the lessons in just 15 days. The reading program is so effective.” Mrs. Minerva L. de Guzman, mother of Karl Matthew L. de Guzman, 6 years old

“I can say that the reading program is really effective because the improvement in my child’s reading and writing skills is highly visible as compared before the start of the program.” Mrs. Beverly Ortega, mother of Kyle Tristan Ortega, 5 years old

“Me and my husband are really thankful for the Instant Reader Program. We are really amazed at the improvements of our daughter while enrolled in this program. Jewel used to have difficulty in reading, truth of the matter is, she used to read with pictures associated to words. But now she reads tremendously at a phase which is really surprising for us. Our sincere thanks to you all and we hope that you’ll continue to do such…” Mrs. Charo O. Kotas, mother of Tsarls Jewel F. Orioste, 6 years old

“I congratulate the developers of this program for providing/sharing this amazing program to moms like me. It makes reading such a fun activity for kids, and seeing my five-year old child read sentences, stories and comprehend what he reads, makes me happy and proud. Thank you, I know my son is ready for anything in school because he can read as easy as 1-2-3 ! Leizel S. Lagman, mother of Johann Gabriel S. Lagman, 5 years old

“My daughter started in the program as a non-reader a 3 years and 9 months, I was amazed that she was able to recognize simple words in just 10 days in the Instant Reader Program. This is really an awesome course! Now my daughter always gets high scores in reading in her kinder class. Thanks to Read Right for bringing out the best in our child… I fully recommend this program … “ Mary Ann M. Alvarez, mother of Aliana Thea M. Alvarez, 3 years and 9 months old

“The reading Program is actually good in our case, wherein my daughter is now a Good Reader.” CATHERINE PARK, mother of Isabel Park, 5 years old

“The reading program helped Amber read beyond three-letter words!” MICHELLE D. PALACPAC, mother of Amber Palacpac, 4 years old

Instant Reader Program is very effective to my daughter.” RODOLFO S. TUBELLEJA, father of Maximillie May E. Tubellaja, 4 years old

“We liked it since it encouraged our child to read. Thank you for letting our child in the program even if she is under 4 years old.” DR. RENELLE I. LABTUON, mother of Angela mari I. Labtuon, 3 years old

“The program was flexible enough, and it was really worth our time. Thanks Instant Reader.” MARION LUX Y. CASTRO, mother of Jacob Y. Castro, 5 years old

“The Program is an effective tool for Dwayne’s reading readiness and ability to identify the correct pronunciation of words. He started zero in reading, after 20 sessions, I believe that his capacity to read was developed.” MARIA LIZEL S. TRUMATA, mother of John Dwayne Trumata, 5 years old

“The reading program really helped my child to improve his reading skill.” KATHERINE I. CHAVEZ, mother of Samuel Alfonso Marcus I. Chavez

“Effective.. Able to instill in a child the value and importance of education.” BHIA MITCHIE T. BORCENA, mother of Mateusz Gavrie T. Borcena, 4 years old

“It’s really effective. I’m glad I enrolled my daughter here. Thanks to everybody, especially to her teacher for her patience. More power!” MARIFE G. LEGASPI, mother of Maria Gabriele G. Legaspi, 5 years old

“Sa totoo lang po, and laki ng pasasalamat ko sa inyo, magaling ang nagawa ninyo sa aking apo at naniniwala ako sa advocacy ninyo na within 20 days ay nakakabasa na. Maraming salamat at God bless po sa inyo.” KAP. ARNOLD SORIANO, grandfather of Samuel Joseph M. Soriano

“Excellent! Instant reader talaga! Leira now can read every word she sees everywhere. She is now confident to read books and everything. Too expensive, but it’s really worth it! Leira now can read right, kasi dati mali ang pronunciations niya, but now she can. Thanks Instant Reader!” LEAH VERONICA G. PALMA, mother of Leira Margaret G. Palma, 6 years old

“I congratulate the developers of this program for providing. Sharing this amazing program to moms like me. It makes reading such a fun activity for kids, and seeing my five year old child read sentences, stories and comprehend what he reads, makes me happy and proud. Thank you, I know my son is ready for anything in school because he can read as easy as 1-2-3!” JEIZEL S. LAGMAN, mother of Johann Gabriel S. Lagman, 5 years old

ReadRight met my expectations regarding my child’s ability. I’m very proud of my daughter because she is enthusiastic to learn more…” MRS. MITOS F. SIA, mother of Akia F. Sia, 5 years old

“The program is very effective to my kid. When we started Keiko barely reads and the writing is not that good, but in just weeks I saw how she improves and gained more confidence. She is starting reading other books that we usually read to her without assistance. I am glad I enrolled Keiko here and it is all worth it. ” MRS ALMA SUNAGAWA, mother of Eliabeth Keiko Sumagawa, 5 years old

“This program improves my child’s reading skills. They can use an effective approach for developing reading skills.” MIRIAM A. MIRANDA, mother of John Gabriel A. Miranda, 5 years old

“The Instant Reading Program is really effective. It improved my daughter’s reading skills. Now, she is more confident to read words on her own. FastPREP is highly recommended to others. The teachers were very nice and accommodating. Thank you very much!” MARILAG CARNICER, mother of Michelle Marie B. Carnicer, 6 years old

“Ate Jayds was only 3 ½ years old when she started in Instant Reader. A friend suggested the idea since I was looking or a summer activity for her. I can say that the program is very effective, after seeing her sounding the letter one at a time, and after a few days she starts to read words…After getting the full program, she can read books on her own and can understand what she read and even speak English grammatically correct…Being a reader, it serves as an advantage to her and I can say that she is doing well in school too. Me and my husband were very thankful to the teachers especially T. She who isvery patient and loving to our kids… As of now, Ella our second child is enrolled to your program and hopefully she can be good as her older sister. Kudos and more power to Instant Reader. More kid readers to come.” DONNA D. BAUTISTA mother of Jessica Dianne D. Bautista, 3 years old

“It’s a big help to my daughter, knowing that she didn’t know how to read at first, but now she has really improved!” ROSELLE M. TAPALLA, mother of Marshia Daniella T. Sasan, 5 years old [

“The reading program is great and effective! Isabelle started with zero knowledge in reading…She only knows the alphabet. After a week in Instant Reader, she can read simple words! Now she can read sentences or even paragraphs!” AILEEN M. DIMALALUAN, mother of Patricia Isabelle D. Sampelo

“Program is a big help to my child…she was able to read sentences in just a few weeks….amazing” Mrs. JENNIFER VELASCO, mother of Denise Erica, 4 years old

“A plus for my child…her reading improved very much as well as her confidence…ReadRight learning is a must for parents who want their child to be good in school” Mr. ADRIANO TATLONGHARI, father of Erica, 6 years old

“Perfect and awesome…gives encouragement to kids and parents to excel in reading…it is not just all about reading but also self confidence that they earned” Mrs. MARJORIE MANRIQUE, mother of Krisha Caryl, 6 years old

“Reading program is good for the beginners…am very thankful my son improved his reading…I remember when my son told me ‘mama, ang sarap palang magbasa’” Mrs. MARITA CABUHAT, mother of Ivan Migs, 7 years old

“Effective…child gained confidence and got interested in reading unlike before” Mrs. ZENAIDA SALTERIO, guardian of Izela Viviene, 6 years old

“My daughter learned a lot from your program…she can read words, anything that she wanted to read…I recommend this program to every parent…thanks for having this program…you guys are great…you’re doing a great job” Mrs. NORA MOTOYOSHI, mother of Mikaila Rona, 7 years old

“Program really helped my son…approach was different because he enjoyed coming to the center everyday as if he was playing…the one-hour session everyday is really effective for my son who has a short attention span…I am really glad I had him enrolled…he had fun at the same time he learned…good job” Mrs. MAIDA CARDONA, mother of Andrej James, 5 years old

“Program is really good and effective…in his first week, he was able to read already…now that the program is ended, I consider that my son’s reading really improved…thanks to ReadRight…now I can say ‘marunong nang magbasa anak ko” Mrs. FLORADIN LEYSON, mother of Christian Reinald, 5 years old

“A good activity for kids as early as four years old…using animal friends is also a good tool to encourage the kids to study and learn the alphabet sounds…my daughter is excited to meet new animal friends every time she goes to class” Mrs. RITA BAUTISTA, mother of Ryne Caitlin, 4 years old

“Program was good…my child learned how to read, correct pronunciation and spelling of words” Mrs. ELEA PARAYNO, mother of Elisha Jewel, 5 1/2 years old

“Malaki po ang pasasalamat ko na na enrol ang anak ko dito sa ReadRight…natuto po syang magbasa at sana meron po uli next summer…thank you sa mga teachers…ang galing po talaga nila…excellent” Mrs. JUDITH DIAZ, mother of Kristine Joy, 5 1/2 years old

“I was a little bit doubtful at the start of the program…I didn’t expect my daughter will learn how to read in 30 days thinking that the 30-day program was too short for her…but at the end of the first week, she amazed me…she knows how to pronounce and combine the letters and its sounds…my daughter learned how to read and not just the simple sounds but all the long A’s, E’s etc…Instant Reader Program is a must-enrolled class for all kids especially 4 yr olds…it would give them an edge on their next grade level in school…learning would be a lot easier for them” Mrs. TARA ANN MILO NABOR, mother of Justine Adara, 4 years old