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The ReadRIGHT Instant Reader program was developed in 2001 by Teacher Veronica ‘Vicki’ Q. Arioder, a BS Development Communication graduate of UP Los Baños and a Masters of Education graduate of UP Diliman. She worked as a Research Associate for NISMED in Diliman before starting her own school, “The Learning Place” located inside the UPLB Campus.The Instant Reader Program was initially created simply to teach her eldest daughter, Laya, to read when she was four years old. Using the Instant Reader Program, Laya became a good reader at four.Teacher Vicki thought nothing of the result in her daughter at the time since her school, was also starting to grow. It was a couple of years later when their son, Yani also reached the age of 4 that the task of teaching him to read came about. Since Teacher Vicki was a full-time teacher and school administrator, the task of teaching their son, Yani, to read was assigned to her husband, Jun.Teacher Vicki provided Jun all the materials and motivation, encouraging him to use the Instant Reader program she developed to teach Laya, to make the reading time with Yani a quick and successful one. He was given a strict deadline to teach Yani to read in just 20 days. Though quite an impossible feat for him, Jun took the challenge and followed every step.To everyone’s surprise, Yani read words and simple sentences in just 20 days! This new found skill paved the way for Yani to love reading stories and books of his interests, allowing him to be an independent learner; able to think and perform way ahead of his classmates and peers. The tutorial process was truly overwhelming for Jun, however seeing the results and fruits of his efforts made him very proud. He was the one who taught his own son to read!


Jun’s training in sales and enterprising spirit made him very interested to develop a duplicable system of the reading approach and technique he used with his son, Yani. He researched, gathered pertinent materials, and prodded his wife to try the system to other children with varying learning needs and difficulties (i.e. slow learners; dyslexic; Attention Deficiency and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) etc). The same technique, combined with a customized approach in line with the child’s varying learning styles, was a success prompting Jun to pose the challenge to try the program or their money back!The approach soon became a word of mouth to the community having had 98% successful graduates from its first enrolees. In summer 2005, more than 80 enrolees underwent the program and experienced its full benefits. Starting with a simple streamer as an advertisement, the response was overwhelming which inspired both Teacher Vicki and Jun to continue what they started and help more kids maximize their reading potentials. “To teach the world the fastest and most effective way” was not just a company mission but became the couple’s advocacy.After a decade of fun reading, changed lives and renewed hope, the Instant Reader program has gone a long way from being conducted at the basement of Teacher Vicky’s humble home to being offered presently at different branches in other key areas in Laguna – San Pablo, Calamba and in its licensees in Biñan and Muntinlupa. Moreover, from 2010 - 2012, the Instant Reader program had also been offered as a summer reading program in selected schools and learning centers in Sta. Rosa and San Pedro in Laguna as well as in Southern Manila- in Alabang, Las Piñas and Parañaque.What started as a simple goal of fulfilling a domestic duty became the beginning of something innovative and life-changing and the rest, as they say is history. Truly one for the books!