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Instant Reader Program Tenth Year Anniversary

[one_half]INSTANT READERåÊis turning TEN! Join us as we celebrate this milestone on NOVEMBER 30, Saturday at CENTTRO Mall, Los Banos, 2nd floor, Activity Area. Together with The Learning Place Los Banos, Scholastic Publishing and Centtro Mall, we promise to bring you a whole-day of fun with the various activities lined-up for the kids and kids-at-heart!There will be STORYTELLING showcase, BOOK Fair, Inter Elementary contests and a lot more! Ask us how you can be a part of it!

Your Child is Not Bobo

Your Child is not ‰ÛÏBobo‰Û!

Teaching Reading to the 21st Century Learners

Have you ever really given it a thought? How are preschoolers nowadays learning how to read?
So much controversy have been spent knowing and proving which reading instruction work best or would qualify to be the best approach to teaching reading the most effective way.

Is it Phonetics or Whole Language?
Since the post war era debates have been continuously going on. We have already reached the Digital Age yet the issue still remains unsettled.