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5 Reasons Why Early Readers are Smarter

Brain growth in the early years of life relies upon sensory experiences that stimulate the synapses and trigger the creation of new brain connections. The more complex these connections are, the more intelligent we become. Reading is one of the most important and vigorous activities that helps stimulate the brain and makes children smarter.


Here are five reasons why children should learn how to read at an early age.

Instant Reader 10th Anniversary Celebration

Instant Reader's Ten Year Anniversary Program, 'Isang Dekada ng Pagtuturo ng Pagbasa, Isang Dekada ng Saya at Pag-Asa!' was held at Centtro Mall Los Banos Laguna, last November 30, 2010. The program featured several events including storytelling, poster making, essay writing, and a reading quiz contest for gradeschoolers.

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The Versus Between Math and English

[custom_frame_left]manny-pacquiao_300x430[/custom_frame_left] We all know that Manny Pacquiao, the politician from the South who also happens to be the most famous, not to mention, richest boxer our country has ever produced, was knocked out cold by Mexican fighter, Juan Manuel Marquez in their fourth and probably last grudge match on Decem

My Love-Hate Relationship with Books

[custom_frame_left] kid_reading[/custom_frame_left]åÊI learned to read when I was four or five years old, that is, if we are to trust my memory, which is not very reliable due to a number of possible reasons or factors (i.e. ‰ÛÏforgetful‰Û genes; too much medicine injected to my bloodstream due to my poor health when I was a child; and who knows what other factors).

Teaching is the Art of Learning

[custom_frame_left]images (1)[/custom_frame_left] One of my former bosses once told me an anecdote on how his children learned to swim. He told me quite animatedly that he literally threw his children into the sea at an early age so that they may learn to swim, and learn they did.

Instant Reader 10th Anniversary AVP


We give recognition to those who became part of this significant decade.

This short video is dedicated to them ... and to our students, the Instant Readers, rest assured we'll be around for another ten years or so - to witness the blossoming of the leaders in all of you! Happy Reading!

5 Benefits of Teaching Your Child to Read Early

Two-third's a given fact that teaching a child to read early is an excellent way to boost their learning potential. But are you aware of the advantages that your child can acquire by learning to read at an early age of 3-6 years old? Here are the 5 benefits you can give to your child when you teach them to read at an early age.

1. Academic Success Every parent would want their child to be intelligent and excel in school. However, not everyone knows that teaching them to read early is the key to a child's early academic success.  

The Parents Role in Instilling the Love for Reading in Every Child

[one_half]One of the best gifts a parent could give their children is instilling in them a love of reading. Not only will they be able to discover the magic hidden in the pages of every book, your child will also perform better academically.

However, it is not an easy task to ingrain reading in the lives of every child. Especially now that reading seems more like work than play because of all the other ways of entertainment life can offer.

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