About Instant Reader

ReadRight, Inc. is an allied educational company that teaches kids how to read in just 20 days or less using a proven and innovative program called the Instant Reader.

This revolutionary, researched-based, Filipino-developed program pioneered a system that can make any non-reader and non-English speaker read and speak English the fastest and most effective way. Part of the company’s vision is to reach the widest number of kids possible and expose them to the life-challenging benefits of being able to read and understand what they are reading. This money-back guarantee reading program has significantly helped hundreds of Filipino kids enhance their reading capabilities in key areas across Laguna (Los Baños, San Pablo, Calamba, Biñan, Sta. Rosa, San Pedro) as well as Southern Manila ( Alabang, Muntinlupa, Parañaque and Las Piñas). The program’s approach is far from traditional, it being phonemic-based. Kids are introduced to the concept of sounds as the core of the reading process, aided with fun techniques and strategies to capture and hold the learners’ attention span. One such unique approach is the use of “ridiculous animal picture associations” to assist kids in their recall of the phonemes. The said strategy gained popularity with the kids due to their colorful, catchy presentations and unique names. In addition, the program’s story-telling component is also a hit with the kids. Each of the stories features the animal story adventures in various identifiable, everyday situations that are both value-laden and engaging. The approach not only encourages the love for reading but also promotes character development in a fun, exciting way!