Program Execution Format

The ReadRight Inc. Instant Reader Program started as a one-on-one set up in its centers and has evolved since and executed in different formats to address various children’s needs.

A. Center-Based Tutorials: One-on-One Format


This format is mainly the set-up in the various Instant Reader centers. Each session lasts only 30 minutes. This maximizes the attention span of students which is about 15 minutes for a four year old child. This length of time also makes it virtually stress free for the child as most see the lessons as a game rather than a tedious lesson. A Reading Readiness Assessment (RRA) is conducted to each student before they are enrolled in the program mainly to check the child’s attention span. As a general rule, if the child can focus his or her attention for at least 10 minutes, then we can guarantee that we can teach that child to read in just 20 days.

The youngest student who was able to read after undergoing the program was only 2 years and 11 months. The success rate, meaning the child will be able to read words and simple sentences, is at 99% for the Instant Reader Basic Level.

B. Small Group Format 2

This format was applied during the summer break when an influx of students was experienced with partner schools from 2010 to 2012. The format is one (1) teacher to a group of three (3) to four (4) students. Each session lasts for one (1) hour. Games, drills and storytelling are integrated in the sessions to sustain students’ attention. This format requires that each student in the group should have similar levels of learning abilities as determined from the assessment prior to the start of the sessions.

C. Small Classroom Reading Intervention Format


This format was conducted to a group of twenty (20) students who underwent the program for thirty (30) days. The students were initially assessed through storytelling to observe their focus, comprehension, skills on following instructions, speech and locomotor skills. Each session lasted for an hour daily from Monday to Friday, handled by one (1) teacher and a teacher assistant.

D. Large Class School Integration Program

The Instant Reader Program was also conducted in a large class set-up in which the reading program is taught for the whole school year as it had been successfully applied by the preschool department of The Learning Place Los Baños, a private progressive school located inside the campus of UP Los Baños since 2003. With the utilization of the program, the school gained reputation of having students who are able to confidently speak and fluently express themselves in English; it became an established trademark attributed to a strong reading foundation that is the Instant Reader Program.

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