Program Description

The entire Instant Reader Program has a total of sixty (60) lessons categorized into three 20-day levels, namely Basic, Advanced and Mastery.

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This level focuses on Phonemic Awareness where students are introduced to the concept of phonemic sounds as the core of the reading process. The lessons feature forty-four (44) phonemic sounds which are presented through “Ridiculous Association” using the concept of Animal Friends to aid mastery. Both the ease of pronunciation and the frequency of these sounds appearing in the natural language serve as the basis in grouping the sounds. The first few lessons give greater emphasis on the skill of blending the sounds and reading words than on the definition of the word being read. Specifically, during the fourth session, the lesson already introduces the child to simple sentence reading and basic reading comprehension. This level significantly incorporates Storytelling in the sessions where the ‘Animal Friends’ are presented in simple character and values-based stories. The stories are interconnected allowing the child to always look forward to the next reading session with fun and excitement; a totally pressure and stress-free way of reading with understanding. A Reading Practice Kit supplements each lesson by featuring words constructed from the sounds learned during the current and previous sessions. By the end of this level, the child will be able to correctly read almost any simple three to five letter words as well as simple sentences, with the exception of words with silent sounds such as “light” which cannot be simply handled by phonics. A Post Program Assessment is given at the end of the 20 day program.


This level focuses on Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension. The first three sessions involves a review of the phonemic sounds. Succeeding lessons introduces the child to complex words (silent letters, sound clusters, etc) and trains him to read and understand paragraphs and/or short and simple stories. Furthermore, lessons enhance vocabulary building through drills involving question words and exercises using words pertaining to food, family, time, date, body parts, places, quantities and the like. The accompanying Reading Practice Kit tackles sentence and paragraph reading to improve reading fluency and reading comprehension. A Post Program Assessment is given at the end of the 20 day program.


This level focuses on Enhanced Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension to further develop the skills of students with advanced reading abilities. Exercises and drills emphasize intensive vocabulary building and reading comprehension through situational stories, poems, conversations, dialogues. A Post Program Assessment is given at the end of the 20 day program.